Bringing together professionals working in the film and TV industry in Glasgow, Scotland.

Aerial Photographers

Richard Elliot

Richard Elliot Aerial Filming

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Pete Maughan

Skypod Aerial Media

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One of Scotland’s longest established aerial filming companies, and one of only a few that are fully capable of carrying large cinema cameras like the Alexa Mini LF for the film and television industries. We are constantly updating our equipment to always have the best most capable drones in our fleet which keeps us at the forefront of the industry in Scotland.

Paul McCourt

C & P Drone Services Scotland

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Robbie Paton

Robot Love Creative

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Born with a passion for creativity, technology and adventure. Robot Love Creative strives to create work that stands out. Highly experienced in film, photography, graphic design and multi-platform content creation.

Stefanie Williams


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Aerialworx Website

Aerialworx is the drone operator of choice for professional drone filming in Scotland. Based in the heart of Glasgow, we have extensive experience with aerial filming for film and television productions. We are ARRI Certified and fly our in-house Alexa Mini, RED Monstro, Sony A7Siii and DJI Inspire2 X7. We have worked on over 320 productions including Vigil, Guilt, The Nest, Victoria, Outlander, Call the Midwife, Ambulance, Get Even, Dr Who, War of the Worlds, The Feed, Ordeal by Innocence, Patrick Melrose, Finky and Strictly Come Dancing.

Email us today at or call us on 0345 459 8899 for friendly chat.