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Drone Pilots

Bjorn Aaen

Drone Scotland Limited  (Based in Uddingston)

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Our company commenced operating on the 7/3/17. We carry an active Permission for Commercial Operation (PfCO) from the CAA and are fully insured to operate UAV’s up to 7kg. We currently use a Phantom 4 to record aerial imagery and film in 4K UHD. In addition to this we have an Osmo + thus allowing more traditional filming from the ground – again in 4K UHD. Our most recent project was working with a local council helping them capture aerial footage of one of their towns and it’s areas of interest. This footage will be seen nationally. We have a number of other projects lined up in the summer ranging from events to, still aerial imagery of historic buildings, aerial inspection and weddings.

Liam Anderstrem

Airborne Lens

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Over 20 years filmmaking and photography experience, 5 of which with drones. We are CAA licensed and insured. We fly range of drones from DJI Inspire Pro to heavy lift S1000 with latest TV and cinema cameras